Where to Drink AITA in Lancaster

A few of of favorite cocktails in The Red Rose City. Lancaster, PA.



RHUBARB Tea, Pama pomegranate liquor, house made Tea bitters, fresh lemon juice, topped with seltzer.

SNAP, Bunratty honey mead, house ginger syrup, fresh lemon, topped with hot water.

ROOT, brown sugar syrup, house made chocolate bitters, half & half, topped with fresh hot coffee.




SAGE, Absolut Pear, fresh lime juice, in-house rosemary botanical simple syrup, & club soda)




ROOT, Thistle finch black pepper rye whiskey, Luxardo liqueur, Cherry Herring, Benedictine, & a Luxardo cocktail cherry.



A Taste Of What’s To Come


As with everything we do, we look to each season as an inspiration when developing new spirits. In this way we’re able to create spirits that are attuned to nature’s full flavors and natural ingredients.

Since releasing our autumnally inspired Chicory Root, Beet Root and Sweet Potato vodkas, we’ve been back in the AITA Test Kitchen up at Tamworth Distilling, this time experimenting with the New England summer harvest. Here’s a look at what’s to come.


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SNAP Ginger Fizz

Bosc pears are russet in color and give off a honeyed aroma with a hint of fall spices. Mixed with the sweetness of crisp apples and our ginger SNAP liqueur, this cocktail will warm you up in no time.


You’ll need:

2 oz bosc pear puree
4 oz apple cider
3 oz SNAP liqueur
Freshly grated cinnamon
top with ginger beer


First combine the pear puree, apple cider and SNAP into a cocktail shaker over ice. Grate a little bit of fresh cinnamon over top and then vigorously shake.


Strain into glass and top with ginger beer.



SAGE Rosemary Fizz


Out with the old, and in with the new. Our SAGE Rosemary Fizz is the perfect way to say goodbye to one year and usher in the next.

Cheers to you and yours. We’ve got a good feeling that this is gonna be a good one.

Happy New Years from AITA!

1 part SAGE
1/2 part lemon juice
1 part rosemary simple syrup
Top with club soda


Beet Gin Fizz


Let’s get to the root of the problem. It’s Friday, and you need a cocktail with a little bit of everything. Crisp, refreshing, and full of flavor. We’ve got you covered:

1 part Beet Root
1 part Hendricks Gin
1/2 part lemon juice
2 parts simple syrup
Top with club soda


Two Local Charitable Happy Hours


This holiday season we’ve teamed up with the Heritage Bar & Restaurant and the Hotel Monaco to host to special happy hours benefiting local charities.

Heritage Happy Hour
Wednesday, Dec. 16
6 p.m. to 8 p.m. | $9 per cocktail
914 N. 2nd St.
(215) 627-7500

Join us for a happy hour with a seasonal cocktail featuring each Art in the Age spirit – ROOT, SAGE, RHUBARB Tea and SNAP. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit CHOP.

  • Snap and Cider: snap, apple cider, cinnamon and orange peel
  • Autumn Leaves: Sage, Four Roses bourbon, bitters, lemon juice and grapefruit juice
  • Rhuby Poinsettia: Rhubarb, cranberry juice, champagne, cranberry and mint garnish
  • Hot Buttered Root: Goslings Rum, Root, brown sugar butter, house made whipped cream, Jack Rudy ROOT Cherries

“Mind Body & Spirits” at Hotel Monaco
Monday, Dec. 21
6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. | $30 per ticket
Hotel Monaco
433 Chestnut St.
(215) 925-2111

Join Mariel Freeman, DJ Abbey Klein, and our friends at the Hotel Monaco for yoga, music, Art in the Age Craft Spirits, and surprise raffle prizes! In the spirit of giving and community, proceeds will be donated to Broad Street Ministry to serve those in need. Tickets are $30, and are available for purchase here.

AITA Holiday Cocktail Flight

ROOT White Russian
2 parts ROOT
2 parts Bailey’s Cream
1 part half and half

2 parts SAGE
1 part sugar syrup
1 egg
1/2 part cream
Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass

RHUBARB Sparkler
2 parts Rhubarb
Top with Champagne
Cranberry stick garnish + fresh mint

SNAP Hot Toddy
4 parts SNAP
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp fresh grated ginger
2 lemon slices
12 parts hot water (just below boiling)
1 tsp butter

Directions: Divide the first four ingredients between two heatproof cups or mugs. Add the hot water and then divide the butter between the cups. Steep for 3-4 minutes before drinking.

ROOT Harvest Hot Chocolate


It doesn’t get much better than a warm drink on a cold night. This recipe for ROOT hot chocolate is made with fresh dark chocolate from our friends in SF at Dandelion Chocolate. They’re a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Mission Discrict of San Francisco. They started off as most passion projects do, in a small apartment growing cacao plants and pan roasting beans in their kitchen oven. Now they share their love through chocolate workshops, working with small farmers to source quality ingredients and making chocolate converts everywhere! Here’s a recipe for a rich hot chocolate using their 70% harvest bar from Mantuano, Venezuela.

roothotcocoa-3694ROOT Harvest Hot Chocolate

yield: 2 1/2 cups

You’ll Need:

2 cups nonfat milk

2 teaspoons brown sugar

3/4 cup Dandelion chocolate (chopped) 


1. Bring milk and sugar to a rapid boil

2. Turn the heat off and stir in chocolate

3. Return to heat if necessary

4. Pour in 1 part ROOT, stir and serve hot