For at-home bartenders, batching cocktails ahead of time is a savvy way to take pressure off while entertaining guests, or to save a favorite recipe and return for another drink when the time is right. 

Manual Goods (new in the shop!) offers a fashionable and distinctive line up of decanters and glassware that add simple elegance to your bar car, while elevating it to the level of a striking conversation piece. The Manual Goods team out of Chicago, IL boasts a design mission with a focus of hands-on functionality and a simplistic aesthetic. 


AITA Café Racer: Our version of the classic Boulevardier

To batch:

Pour all ingredients into a quart-sized mixing pitcher. Add ice and stir for 20 seconds to chill the cocktail.  Funnel the contents of the pitcher into a decanter (like this Manual Good No. 1 piece) for storage. Keep the entire batch refrigerated until your guests arrive.

To serve:

Pour over ice in a rocks glass and garnish with an orange peel.