Art in the Age, the workshop and testing ground for Quaker City Mercantile, is pleased to announce the company’s newest innovation, Art in the Age Maplejack. The small-batch spirit will be available while supplies last at Art in the Age, starting September 12th.

Art in the Age Maplejack is created at Tamworth Distilling by taking maple syrup from local trees, and combining it with their 100% New Hampshire apple brandy. The result is a lower proof sipper, with deep flavors reminiscent of warm mulled cider and an aroma of rich dark grade syrup – a true small-batch process.

“Maple season is a special time of year in Tamworth, New Hampshire, home of the Art in the Age Test Kitchen. As the state starts to thaw, the circulatory systems of trees kick back into high gear. Cold nights and warmer days begin the perfect ebb and flow within Sugar Maple trees, releasing their sweet sap,” said Steven Grasse, Founder of Quaker City. “Simultaneously, another bit of wood sugar magic is taking place in the barrels, full of apple brandy which was pressed, fermented, and distilled during the previous autumn.”

Grasse’s longtime appreciation for New Hampshire’s autumnal bounty inspired him to bring these two local ingredients together — maple and apple, creating the perfect seasonal spirit. Presenting at 35ABV, Art in the Age Maplejack is a gentle and versatile liquid best-celebrated neat, on the rocks or in simple cocktails.

“This spirit is truly versatile,” said Art in the Age Mixologist Lee Noble. “Whether served neat, on the rocks or in one of Art in the Age’s unique cocktails, Maplejack has universal Autumnal appeal.”

This specialty spirit is extremely limited as just 113 bottles were created. Available exclusively at Art in the Age Maplejack retails for $49.99. For more information and recipe inspiration follow Art in the Age on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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