Join us on Saturday, June 2nd for an Indigo Shibori Workshop at Art in the Age with Graham Keegan!

Admission Includes: Indigo instruction for binding and dip dying a provided bandana utilizing the traditional techniques of art of Shibori. Two complimentary cocktails from Art in the Age to sip while you dip.


Graham Keegan

Graham is a textile designer working exclusively with natural dyes. Having learned to dye through study of the historical record and lots of hands-on experience, he now teaches others from his workshop in Los Angeles, CA as well as private craft programs and events throughout the US.

Graham advocates for the use of natural color by distributing dye plants, seeds, books and kits. He specializes in print design using traditional block-print and hand cut stencil techniques. His prints are used by boutique fashion designers and international brands for purposes ranging from home goods to accessories to garments.

Seedling Adoption Project

Graham Keegan will tour cross country during May and June of 2018, giving away indigo seedlings for free, like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed, spreading the color blue throughout the United States.

Graham is expanding his annual indigo seedling adoption program which he has operated from his workshop in Los Angeles for the past five years. Prospective indigo growers will be given free seedlings of this enigmatic dye plant in exchange for the simple pledge that they will care for them to the best of their abilities. To encourage growers to actually put their plants to use, Graham created, a free and open website to serve as a guide for how to process and extract the color from the leaves of the indigo plant.

Each tour stop will include a free plant giveaway as well as a ticketed indigo workshop where attendees can learn the ins and outs of dyeing with indigo using the Indigo and Shibori Natural Dye Kits which contain indigo from the same species of plant available for adoption.