RHUBARB Tea featured in Tasting Panel Magazine

Around the same time, the price of sugarcane decreased, which dramatically revolutionized rubarb’s use in the kitchen from an herbal tonic to a delicious treat. Rumor has it that Bartram’s enthusiam for Rhubarb inspired him to concoct his own garden tea.

Art in the Age’s throwback has resulted in a delicate liquer distilled from organic cane sugar and infused with 100% organic ingredients including cardamom, coriander, lemon, and most importantly, Bartram’s rhubarb.

Our Panels notes: “Rhubarb Tea not only has a beautiful pink color, but the nose is generous in strawberry aromas. The drink is refreshing and screams summer, and the Hendrick’s Gin adds a nice floral touch”-Mary Melton


Take a step back in American History with Art in the Age’s latest creation, Rhubarb Tea ($19.99). in 1771, botonist John Bartram recieved a gift of rhubarb seeds from his good friend and avid agriculturalist, Benjamin Franklin.
















The Tasting Panel 04.17.13

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