ROOT Now Available In North Carolina!

Some of our friends down in North Carolina passed along this photo taken outside of a store in Asheville the other day. And for all of you folks in NC we’re happy to announce that the search is officially over! ROOT is now available by special order. Now we know a case of 6 might be little more than you need for one party or a night in, but you can always share with friends! The more of you that buy it in NC, the faster it will be available for regular purchase – and you will see it on shelves, one bottle at a time. And for those lucky enough to live near the Crunkleton of Chapel Hill or the Foundation of Raleigh you can stop in and enjoy ROOT cocktails anytime because they’ve got it too!
Step 1: Find some friends who’d love organic, delish, 80 proof spirits with a great taste & a bit of history too.
Step 2:  Go to an ABC store in NC. You can refer to the code
#56869 to
make it easier on your store clerk.
Step 3: Tell them to bring you in a case of ROOT. Your order will arrive in just a few weeks
and they’ll even give you a call when its in.


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