Our friends at Whole Foods Callowhill in Philadelphia took SAGE confections to a new level with these SAGE buttercream and pomegranate cupcakes!

The cupcakes began with delicious vanilla cake.

First a SAGE-pomegranate soak was brushed onto the cupcake to give it a little pop of flavor.

Then the delicious SAGE buttercream was piped onto the cupcake, leaving a slight dip in the center.

Next an emulsifier was added to the SAGE-pomegranate soak, and frothed with a beurre mixer to create a foam.

The SAGE-pomegranate foam is then spooned into the center of the buttercream.

Lastly, the cupcakes are garnished with a crispy piece of fresh candied SAGE!

These cupcakes will be available for a limited time only at Whole Foods Callowhill starting Thursday, December 13th.

Pick up an extra, you won’t regret it!

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