Art in the Age x Poler #Campvibes Cocktail Kit


We’ve always loved fall camping in PA.

The autumn colors are magnificent, parks are lest congested, no bugs…the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, the weather is just cool enough to gather around the campfire and sip cocktails.

With these in mind, we created the Art in the Age x Poler #Campvibes Cocktail Kit.

All the necessities for mixing cocktails on your next autumn adventure, housed in a rugged Poler Excursion Pack


The kit includes:

AITA Tent Tee

Stanley Camp Flask

Two Enameled CupsĀ 

Scout Notebook

Woven Patch

Bic Pen

Mason Shaker

Pok Pok Drinking Vinegar

Stumptown Cold Brew


The kit will be available for sale at the Art in the Age shop starting November 1st.



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