TomR’s Handcrafted Tonic

We’re so excited to carry TomR’s handcrafted tonic at our Art in the Age store!


In an effort to make a Gin and Tonic that can be savored and not swilled, Tom R set out to find the perfect ingredients that harken back to tonic’s exotic heritage.

Tom could find great small batch gins, but the tonic left him wanting more. He set out to create a tonic that was true to the beverages Peruvian heritage.

The criteria was simple:

1. the ingredient list must include bark from the cinchona tree (the original source of quinine)

2. the flavor had to enhance, not overpower the flavor of any Gin

3. everything had to be 100% natural and organic.

After hundreds of hours of experimentation, Tom came up with the lovely amber colored liquid, which he appropriately named Tomr’s Tonic. The ingredient list is simple, but with that TomR’s is something truly unique; a small batch tonic water that delivers exotic flavors and melds beautifully with your favorite Gin.


We’ve found that TomR’s mixes perfectly with RHUBY, for a refreshing warm weather cooler.

1 part TomR’s Tonic

2 parts RHUBY

3 parts seltzer

Pour over ice and serve with a wedge of lime, or stalk of fresh rhubarb.



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